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Q & A

What is the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee Policy?

CGT guarantees to exchange any product within 7 days of purchase if the product fails to meet the manufacturer’s standards.

If the product packaging is missing, can I still request a return or refund?

The packaging, accessories and user guide should be returned together with the product in good condition for an exchange or refund.

If the surface of the product is slightly scratched, can I still request an exchange or refund?

The product to be returned must be undamaged and must not contain any trace of water damage.

Are repaired products covered by 7-day Money Back Guarantee Policy?

The 7-day Money Back Guarantee Policy is not applicable to products that have undergone any repairs.

When will I receive the refund once it is confirmed?

When agreed by the customer service department and you, CGT will refund any money involved in the order to your credit card bank account within about 2-4 weeks.

After order confirmation, when can I receive the product?

Generally, products will be notified to the company according to the working hours of 2-5 days after the customer purchased the product. If you fail to receive the notification, you can call customer service (+852-2690-9121) to follow up.

How can I arrange for self pick-up at a CGT store?

While shopping in our online shop, you can select pick-up service for self pick-up.

How can I know when the product is available for pick-up at the CGT store?

You will receive an email notification on the pick-up time. You can then pick up the product according to the date in the CGT store.

If I cannot pick up the product at the time and date, how will it be arranged?

If customer fails to pick up the product within the notified self pick up date, customer can contact the customer service department by email. (

What kind of identifying documents do I need to show when picking up my products?

You need to show your order confirmation. If you fail to provide this information, CGT has the right to refuse your pick up.

If I cannot pick up the product personally, can I ask someone else to pick it up?

Yes, you can. Just ask the person who will pick up the product for you to show the order confirmation. If they fail to provide this information, CGT has the right to refuse the pick up.

How can I keep track of my order?

If need to track your order, you can customer service email to check the order status.

What kinds of payment methods are available at the CGT online shop?

The Fortress online shop accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, UnionPay Card or Alipay. All product prices listed are in HK dollars.

Are there any security settings to ensure transactions at the CGT online shop are safe?

To provide secure online commerce transactions, we employ 3DS 2.0 technology. This encrypts your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address, so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

How can I make payment?

After picking the product, you can pay by a credit card or pay in cash when come to CGT pick up products.

Warranty period?

All items come with one year warranty.